Dagorhir combines fast-paced full-contact combat simulation with elements of live action role-playing. Combat in group melees or between individuals is similar to the battle scenes in movies like Braveheart and Gladiator, with the biggest difference being that Dagorhir "weapons" are well padded to prevent injuries. Dagorhir weapons are constructed to resemble Dark Age/medieval swords, shields, spears, etc. and generally consist of soft foam layers bonded to a rigid core. Combatants may also become involved in grappling/wrestling. Dagorhir rules of combat are strictly  enforced by the Heralds (referees) to ensure maximum safety along with maximum playability.

As with any outdoor, intense contact sport, the possibility for injury exists. The types and likelihood of injury are similar to those in soccer, rugby and lacrosse and, as in those sports, severe injuries can occur.

All rules are intended for the enjoyment and safety of our participants. These rules are heavily based on the official National Ruleset of Dagorhir Battle Games Association (Dagorhir), but modified for increased safety with younger participants in mind. Dagorhir attributes their nationwide success to their sense of priorities behind their rules: safety, playability, and realism. All weapon safety guidelines and combat rules are stringently enforced at all times. This keeps the injuries to a minimum and keeps the fun fun. Rules are kept as simple as possible, to keep battles exciting and fast-paced, and to keep the system easy to learn. Though realism is plays a role, safety and playability are far more essential. Dagorhir's system is a proven success after more than 30 years of play-testing.

We are Zorn Vongal, Central Virginia's premiere Youth and Family-focused Chapter of Dagorhir Battle Games Association, Inc. (DBGA) We exist to promote the positive growth and support of peer and family interactions in a Tolkien-based Medieval Fantasy combat environment. Our game focuses on honor, integrity, sportsmanship, and teamwork through high-intensity play and active conflict resolution.

Secondary purposes of Zorn Vongal are as follows:

i. To promote positive membership and participation growth in Zorn Vongal

ii. To promote positive membership and growth for DBGA

iii. To raise public awareness of foam combat, medieval/fantasy games/sports, and DBGA activities both locally and nationally.

iv. To do all of the above while maintaining a safe environment for all members, participants, and attendees.

This Handbook is laid out with the new Dagorhir member in mind. The Handbook first explains what Dagorhir is, shows what a new member needs to do in order to participate (developing a character, creating a unit with friends, making costumes and weapons), explains how to join an existing Dagorhir Chapter or start a new Chapter, and finally, the Handbook gives the detailed rules that govern Dagorhir combat.

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