Brigands Ball

Event Schedule

Day 0 - Thursday, 28 Oct ***Check In 12:00pm***
Day 1 - Friday, 29 Oct - Weapons Check, Field Battles
Day 2 - Saturday, 30 Oct - Tournaments, INVASION, Concert, and Revelry
Day 3 - Sunday, 31 Oct - Tournaments, Field Battles, Awards
Day 4 - Monday, 1 Nov ***Check Out 12:00pm***
Select attending Units host 1 Tourney Each
Tourney-Hosting Units contribute 1 prize per tourney hosted


Probable Tournaments(not an exhaustive list)
Garb Competition
A&S Competition
Bardic Competition
?Brewing Competition?
Single Blue
Sword & Board
Great Weapon
Four Horsemen
Kobold Kaos (Youth Pit, 10yo-12yo) - Hosted by a ZV Unit
Invasion (any size unit field domination) - Hosted by a ZV Unit.

Additional battles/games to be interspersed for color/flavor

2019 events were:
1- Best Feminine Garb (No barrier to entry beyond garb presenting feminine--Monster feminine counts!)
2- Best Masculine Garb (No barrier to entry beyond garb presenting masculine- Elven masculine counts!)
3- Bardic Best Of (Single Entry, all categories open)
4- Archer's Open (Archer + S&B = 2-Person Team)
5- Dragon's Fang (Dagger Pit)
6- Kobold Kaos (Kobold Pit)
7- Old Standards (Sword & Board, no armor)
8- Might of Steel (Great Weapon, no armor, small shields allowed)
9- Invasion (ANY size Unit Domination. 2-Person or 20-Person, YOU decide your forces)