Cy is the 2018 Zorn Vongal Administrator and the Founder of Zorn Vongal. Cy has been a Zorn Vongal member in good standing since February 2015. Cy serves as Head Herald while also managing marketing, event planning, and demonstrations. 



Silas is the 2018 Zorn Vongal Assistant Administrator. He has been a Zorn Vongal member in good standing since December 2016, and has served as the Head Armorer since February 2016. Silas has stood as support for Zorn Vongal in nearly every position at one time or another since his joining.  

Assistant Administrator


Thea is the 2018 Zorn Vongal Book Keeper. She has been a Zorn Vongal member in good standing since February 2017. Thea has been heavily involved with cross-gaming between Zorn Vongal and Silverdain, helping cement positive Inter-Realm relations with every visit. Thea is alsoo the Second-in-Command of the Skerven, Zorn Vongal's first combat unit.

Candidate for: Book Keeper

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