About Zorn Vongal

We are Zorn Vongal, Central Virginia's Largest and Premiere Youth and Family-friendly Medieval Fantasy Live Action Role Play Organization. We exist to promote the positive growth and support of peer and family interactions in a Tolkien-based Medieval Fantasy combat environment.  Our game focuses on honor, integrity, sportsmanship, and teamwork through high-intensity play and active conflict resolution.

A brief fantasy history:

     "Zorn Vongal was born from Cy, a wandering DeathJester from The Dark Reign of Dur-Demarion, with a wicked and depraved hunger for blood and cries of mercy. His failing corpse, decaying with each passing season, craved new victims. He found himself wandering weak and restless, alone in the rolling hills and hollows of the mountainous lands- unable to hunt due to rotting from years of neglect. Cy came across a small group of young ne’er-do-wells and wooed their senses of power and greed, promising to teach them in exchange for the blood of their victims. Trained in the arts of concealment and skullduggery, the dagger-toothed fiends Iraleth, Dree, and Vogen began hunting unsuspecting travelers as they attempt to cross their misty mountains, occasionally recruiting the most degenerate of potential victims into their band of rogues. The concentration of wickedness in the area has called forth more creatures from the depths, among them a growing plague of Kobolds. 

  The larger the band grows, the more Cy watches his back. Treachery of the young knows no bounds, and they are already beginning to watch him too closely..."

Now for the real(mundane) history of Zorn Vongal:

    Joe Compton founded Zorn Vongal in February 2015 as an independent social club, focused on Family-friendly fantasy combat, with a limited membership of children 12-17 and their parents/guardians. As word spread, more and more families came, and soon players' older siblings and 18+ friends wanted to join in the fun. In 2016, due to the population boom, Zorn Vongal found itself ready to take on a new life, catering to a broader audience- youth and adults alike- still with a mind toward a family-friendly atmosphere. Zorn Vongal is led by leaders elected annually on the first Sunday of January.